Glass Cleaner - 1L

Glass Cleaner - 1L

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Power Maxed Glass Cleaner

Power Maxed Glass Cleaner Concentrate is a heavy-duty, long-lasting cleaner which can be used neat for the toughest grime and the strongest cleaning power.

Perfect for:

  • Industrial window and mirror cleaning
  • Heavy-duty glass cleaning
  • Valeters

Loosens and breaks down filth stuck to glass and mirrors. Keep your visibility perfect by keeping it clean of bugs, grime, tree sap, and mud. Non smear formula keeps cleaning an easy process.

  • Rapid Grime Removal
  • Low Viscous Liquid
  • Excellent Bug Remover
  • Removes tree sap, oil and grease
  • Non Smear Technology
  • Up to 5X Stronger Than Other Brands
  • Use on Glass and Mirrors
  • Suitable on all Vehicles and Around the House
  • Available in 1 Litre Trigger Spray & 5 Litre Containers
  • Fantastic Smell