Wheel Cleaner (Frequent)

Wheel Cleaner (Frequent)

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Frequent Use Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Perfect for:

  • Daily wheel cleaning
  • Removing heavy dirt
  • Diamond-cut wheels
  • Non-acidic alloy wheel cleaning


Power Maxed Frequent Use (Non-Acidic) Alloy Wheel Cleaner is a powerful wheel cleaner suitable for any wheel material, capable of shifting substantial contaminants and tough grime without acidic properties notorious for damaging wheels, especially diamond-cut ones.

Rather than having an acidic formula, Frequent Use Alloy Cleaner contains powerful detergent agents to loosen grime and dirt, pulling it away from the wheel surface and allowing it to easily be rinsed away leaving wheels gleaming. The formula penetrates and breaks down soil particles on the wheel surface, and has oil and grease dispersal properties to accelerate the cleaning process.

For more persistant stains, use our Alloy Stain & Mark Remover, which is acidic but has been formulated to a higher pH so as not to cause damage to diamond-cut wheels.

Available in 1L Ready to Use, and 5L and 25L concentrate.